I Know Where You Live

Nr. 2 crime bestseller in Norway 2016

Six-year-old Thona vanished in an allotment in Oslo fifteen years ago. She’s still missing. Chief Inspector Marian Dahle has been demoted owing to psychological problems and burn injuries, but now Cato Isaksen has given her the job of looking into the Thona cold case.

The Dove Lady lives in the allotment. For a long time her son Glenn Haug was under suspicion.

The reopening of the case unleashes a dangerous revenge. Men are hauled into a black van, taken away, tortured and almost killed.

Nobody understands the terrible link until it’s almost too late. Things are not what they seem. Marian lives in an old wooden house in Oslo’s Frogner district. Suddenly she finds herself caught up in a nightmare of revenge with a dangerous enemy. And one night, there he is in her house.

“I know where you live” is a masterpiece of dark, psychological drama. Unni Lindell is a heavyweight of crime and her new novel examines how terrible events from the past can have unimaginably powerful consequences…

It is one of the author’s darkest books, and also underscores the direction Nordic crime novels have taken in recent years: sadistic serial killings.

“ A real cominatoin of exciting events and convincing personalities. The story develops into a suspenseful thriller, where in the end nothing is what it appears to be” Ingalill Mosander, AFTONBLADET, Sweden

“LIBERATINGLY PROFESSIONAL! Lindell carefully doles out the revelations so that we always think we have a solution, but then she adds a new twist and her plots constantly take unexpected turns. The taut suspense of the conclusion offers some genuinely big surprises.” Dice-roll 6, Cathrine Krøger, DAGBLADET

“Unni Lindell’s characters live, love and kill with fantastic precision and finesse!” Liza Marklund, best-selling crime novelist

“If there’s such a thing as a born crime writer, Unni Lindell is definitely one.” Torbjørn Ekelund, Dagbladet

“Elegant and hard-hitting crime fiction.” Dice-roll 5, Bjarne Tveiten, Fædrelandsvennen​

“… At its best, I know where you live is an intensely suspenseful page-turner with a generous dose of the sinister. She has a very good eye, creates the right atmosphere through her language and describes human adversity in a fascinating way. And she’s good at setting up crime mysteries.” Elin Brend Bjørhei, VG

“…creates an intense and clammy psychological thriller before introducing some elegant twists right at the last minute. That’s when Lindell really demonstrates her first-rate control! Towards the end of the book, Lindell really shows her mastery!” Ole Jakob Hoel, ADRESSEAVISEN

“Unni Lindell’s new novel uses all the devices that have made her one of Norway’s most popular crime writers.” Geir Rakvaag, DAGSAVISEN

“People and perspectives change quickly and in unpredicable turns – yes, confusion. But that is the intention” Bengt Eriksson, BLEKINGE LÄNS TIDNING, Sweden