Marian Dahle by Unni Lindell

Regarded as “Norway’s Queen of Crime”, Unni Lindell is an important representative of a wave of enormously successful Norwegian crime writers, especially known for her series on chief inspector Cato Isaksen.

Lindell’s passion for crime mysteries and human fear have been an important component of her success, and now she is extentding her universe, introducing the series following Cato's colleague, the troubled inspector Marian Dahle. 

Unni Lindell's authorship is a success of 4 million copies!

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Unni Lindell on Marian Dahle

"I never know where Marian is going. Often I think to myself, no, are you mad?
And then she merely continues."

The Cato Isaksen series

A highly praised, international, bestselling series, also made into TV-series

The Drone

To be published in 2018

I Know Where You Live

Jeg vet hvor du bor (2016)

NEW SERIES: Critically acclaimed and one of Norway's top seller's of 2016