Who is Marian Dahle?

The new protagonist, Marian Dahle, has been compared to Lisbeth Salander.
She is not blessed with the same computer competencies, but has the more

Marian doesn’t read social codes too well, but her colleagues see her as a
quirky, intense, vulnerable and extremely accomplished investigator.
The young, rebellious woman has for several years been on the team of the
notorious chief police investigator, Cato Isaksen, and from the very beginning
she has been a nuisance to him. She is adopted from Korea and with her
exotic features she stands out in Norway. Having had a troubled childhood she
now she lives in solitude with her closest friend, the dog Birka.
I know where you live, Marion has been on sick leave for a year, suffering
from injuries from the previous case she was involved in. Isaksen asks her
to look into a cold case, in an attempt to get her back to work.

I never know where Marian is going. Often I think to myself, no, are you mad?
And then she merely continues. I think we have a resemblance. She adds suspense
to my life, and I to hers.